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Published: 8 months ago By: Mathrubhumi Kappa TV

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By: Mathrubhumi Kappa TVPublished: 8 months ago

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In this relentless ocean of life, there is only one unshakeable truth, You. Every verse from the Daivadasakam echoes the Guru’s belief in the One supreme power. In today’s world of chaos let us follow His path that is ruled by One religion, One God and above all Love towards one another. Presenting this prayer in all devotion for a better world.

Composed by - Ajay Sathyan
Vocals – Ajay Sathyan, Mithun Jayaraj
Strings - Herald antony, Dany, Subin
Keyboards - Shine Jose
Rhythm Guitars - Ramiz Sulaiman
Ambient/Lead Guitars - Febil John
Bass - Noel Sam
Drums -Abin Thej
Percussions - Prince Abraham
Backing Vocals - Ajiit Sathyan, Alen Jose, Noel Sam, Febil John
Strings Arrangements - Shine Jose/Ajay Sathyan
Recording Engineers - Sai Prakash, Akshay
Mixing & Mastering - Hari Shankar
Studio - My Studio.

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