Highway Booze Ban Dies A 'Heroic' Death! Nammalariyanam| Mathrubhumi News
Published: 9 months ago By: Mathrubhumi News

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By: Mathrubhumi NewsPublished: 9 months ago


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The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave permission to reopen toddy shops along the highways under stringent conditions. It is a double whammy for the state government. The order was passed by a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra on a petition filed by toddy shop owners and employees in Kerala. When the SC heard the case a second time, we witnessed the power of the bar mafia. State governments, including the one in Kerala, came forward to denotify national and state highways. The High Court had reprimanded the state government saying that it should not shoot from the shoulder of bar owners. Anyway, the national high way liquor ban dies a 'heroic' death on today! Nammalariyanam.

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